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About Us

Who are we?

We opened our doors in 1992, and since then, we welcome visitors, every day, from all over the world. 

At ABRAXAS, you'll experience a fusion of art, music, and high-quality products in a vibrant, interflow atmosphere across two floors. Relax, socialize, and participate in community events. Take home Abraxas merchandise that captures our café and store's ambience. Our name and logo draw inspiration from Kleine Heks' illustration, featuring the crafty raven ABRAXAS.

We offer a wheelchair-friendly, inclusive environment.


Here at Abraxas,

we value and advocate the integration of craftsmanship, science and art. Our space is rooted in raw materials such as wood, stone, glass, and hemp, and our walls host creations by our head artist. 

  • We try to collaborate with companies that provide us with products made by workers in a fair trade environment, with ethical and eco-friendly production processes. CHECK OUR STORE
  • With our products we wish to support, embrace promote and inspire a green and sustainable lifestyle.
  • A big goal for us is to reduce our ecological footprint and we always look for intelligent solutions. As a company we use electric powered cars and we have increased our recycling rate and minimized waste.
  • We aim for transparency and we are making the commitment toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable business. We are not there yet, but we would be happy to have you join us in this journey of being more conscious!



What we contribute

Organic Beverages

Abraxas Vibes



At Abraxas,

We strive to offer mindful services, and choices from conscious, sustainable materials. Our store is located right next to our coffeeshop, where you will find a selection of fair trade, organic, handmade and customized products such as Tshirts, bags, posters, postcards, arts & crafts, chillums, vapes, grinders, ultimately anything you need to make your experience in ABRAXAS fun and memorable! You are not currently in Amsterdam? Not to worry! Visit our webshop to order our products and have them delivered at your door!

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at Abraxas

Do you think you feel our vibes? Does it sound like a place you’d like to be a part of? Upload your CV here fill up the application and come and work with us! We’ ll be happy to hear from you!

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Telephone: 020 625 5763
Email: contact@abraxas.amsterdam
Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14, 1012 PL Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Opening Times: Daily
from 09:30 a.m. until 01.00 a.m.